How is LED advertising display controlled by a mobile phone?

2023-10-22 10:00:00 Ddon Visual

Full-color LED advertising displays have gained widespread use in various fields due to their ability to facilitate easy ad switching. With advancements in display technology, they are extensively employed in commercial advertising, smart city development, educational conferences, tourist attractions, and major event venues. According to product requirements, these displays can support various control methods, such as content storage via USB drives, real-time image projection from computers, and mobile control of playback content. This has made them user-friendly and achieved truly unmanned cluster management.Today, with China's Ddon Visual, let's explore several methods for controlling LED advertising displays via smartphones:

 Indoor LED display screens.

1.Through Wireless Communication Modules:

You can install a wireless communication module, such as a Wi-Fi module, Bluetooth module, or Zigbee module, on the LED advertising display. Then, develop a mobile application that communicates with the LED display through these wireless communication modules. The mobile app can send text, images, or video data to the LED display, enabling content control.


2.Using Cloud Services:

Another method is to connect the LED display to the internet and control it through cloud services. The LED display can have a network interface that connects it to a cloud server via the internet. You can then use a mobile app or web application to manage the content of the LED display. Through cloud services, you can easily upload, schedule, and update advertising content.


3.Control via SMS:

You can control the LED advertising display using SMS. Set up a specific phone number, and when you send a specified format of SMS to this number, the LED display will parse the message and execute the corresponding action, such as displaying specific text or images.


4.App-Based Remote Control:

Develop a dedicated mobile application that connects to the LED advertising display via the internet. This application can provide a user-friendly interface, allowing users to upload, edit, and control advertising content. This method requires the establishment of communication protocols and APIs between the LED display and the mobile application.

 Curved LED display screen.

Regardless of the method chosen, it is essential to establish a stable communication channel between the LED advertising display and the smartphone while ensuring security and control permissions. Hardware and software configurations should be selected based on specific requirements to achieve control of the LED display via mobile devices。These are the methods for controlling LED advertising displays with smartphones. We hope this article provides useful information. Ddon Visual, based in China, specializes in the development and sales of high-quality full-color LED advertising displays. We offer one-stop solutions for LED advertising display modules, custom-made full displays, stage rentals, and the development and sales of unique products. If you have related product needs, feel free to contact Ddon Visual, and we will provide comprehensive product solutions and excellent service.

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