With the construction of information technology and command city,the modern monitoring command center is not only a simple video surveillance,but a holistic and integrated solution composed of multiple systems,the entire monitoring center is composed of monitoring system,data transmission system,central control system,large screen display system,etc.Is an integrated communication,command,control,information in one of the complex system,for urban security,emergency rescue and traffic command and other types of emergency incident processing to provide information assurance and decision support,emergency rescue command,the large screen is required to high-definition and real-time display rescue map,scene picture,emergency rescue and other information,to provide assistance for leadership decision-making command.Through the large screen display control system,a large amount of information,high data flow and flexible aspects of multi-channel monitoring are displayed in a comprehensive information display interface with rich content,accuracy and efficiency,so as to realize information sharing and facilitate unified command and scheduling,so as to ensure the linkage,integrity and efficiency of the entire command system.Shenzhen Datang Vision has many cases and project experience in this regard,providing security monitoring command center display large screen overall solution;

Command center LED video wall


  1,real-time,real-time monitoring system,this is very important,it is precisely because of the real-time monitoring system is necessary to monitor the system;

  2,security,the monitoring system has security precautions and confidentiality measures to prevent illegal intrusion into the system and illegal operation;

  3,expansion wall,monitoring system equipment adopts a modular structure,the system can be more convenient and flexible in the hardware and software expansion when the monitoring scale,monitoring objects or monitoring requirements change,without changing the structure of the network and the main software and hardware equipment;

  4,openness,the monitoring system follows the principle of openness,the system provides in line with international standards of software,hardware,communication,network,operating system and database management system interface and tools,so that the system has good flexibility,compatibility,scalability and portability,the entire network is an open system.Compatible with the products of multiple monitoring manufacturers and support secondary development;

  5,standard,monitoring system used equipment and technology in line with international standards,can give users a peace of mind guarantee;

  6,flexibility,the monitoring system networking is flexible,the system function configuration is flexible,can make full use of the existing monitoring subsystem network resources,the system will be compatible with other subsystems,can meet the business requirements of different monitoring units,software features are comprehensive,convenient configuration;

  7,advanced,the monitoring system is as advanced as possible under the premise of meeting the reliability and practicality of the system,the entire system after the completion of the construction of the ten years to maintain advanced,the system used equipment and technology can adapt to future development,and can facilitate the provincial level,Will become an advanced and adapt to future development,high reliability,convenient network expansion,good confidentiality,data processing ability and system operation simple security system;

  8,practicality,video surveillance system has the required functions and capabilities and standards to complete the project,the system meets the internal and external specifications and requirements of the actual needs of the project,and it is easy to achieve,convenient to operate,from the user's point of view,make full use of existing resources,as far as possible to reduce the overall cost of the system,so that the system has a higher cost performance;

  According to the demand characteristics of the entire monitoring center,the display part usually needs to meet the characteristics include:

  The work is stable and needs to provide 7*24 hours uninterrupted operation,without failure in the middle;

  High-quality display effect,whether the display screen is high brightness or low brightness,it needs to have high-quality display effect to meet the needs of the monitoring screen;

  Easy to operate,easy to use,do not need professional personnel can also meet the daily use requirements;

  Easy maintenance,the system can alarm when the fault occurs,and the operator can replace the parts by himself;

  System linkage,access to the private network of the entire monitoring system,can switch and play the service requirements of different monitoring units in real time;

  Compatibility,for other different types of equipment video screen access,real-time monitoring and playback;

  Second,the scheme structure diagram

Monitoring command center LED background screen

  Third,scheme system design ideas

  1.Display screen body

  According to the needs of the monitoring center,there are usually three display areas of the screen,which are located in the middle of the screen and the secondary screen on both sides,the middle large screen area displays the monitoring data,daily reports and command and control of the entire system,and the auxiliary display on both sides plays the real-time monitoring screen of the important area,and the content of each window can interact and drag the display.For its composition of the LED video wall,the need to have pre-maintenance,dual system backup,high gray level and high refresh requirements,pre-maintenance according to the space and environment of the scene,usually deployed indoors,monitoring hall installed against the wall,which can save space,therefore,pre-maintenance facilitates the post-maintenance of the display.A single person in front of the screen can operate and achieve maintenance work,saving time and effort.The second is the double backup system,considering that the monitoring center is an important place with a high degree of information concentration,usually cannot allow the occurrence of black screen,the use of double backup system,can make the scene screen body in a signal interruption or hardware damage to avoid the occurrence of black screen,the box has a master and deputy receiving card,when a signal interruption,you can immediately switch to backup signal work,Ensure that the scene screen body play without black screen.High gray level and high refresh,because the screen of the monitoring center needs to play low light,and take photos and videos,at this time the gray level and refresh rate of the screen is very critical,Datang Vision as the world's top LED video wall solution provider,has a number of small pitch series products,its characteristics in maintenance,system backup and gray level and refresh.Has been monitoring system center LED video wall to provide more extreme solutions,successful cases,all over the world;

  2.Control system

  The control system is very critical in the use of the screen body,and the monitoring command center also has certain requirements for the screen body system,such as intelligent monitoring,simple operation,color correction,etc.Here,the Datang visual command center solution adopts high configuration system configuration,and the software interface can clearly know the working status of each component,real-time control information,and convenient software.Can allow users to bring a better experience,a few keys to switch to meet the actual operation,to achieve real simplicity and intelligence.In addition,it has the functions of abnormal return to factory Settings,correction factor factory backup,field parameter adjustment,hardware replacement,etc.,do not need to worry about fast repair and recovery,and can return to normal without professionals.For module splicing,it is equipped with professional and advanced correction technology to better achieve color consistency and edge correction factor compensation,so that the color consistency of the whole screen is better;

  3,video splicing processing central controller

  Video splicing processing central controller,plays a core role in the LED video wall,all signal switching control is achieved by it,and it usually needs to be a plurality of screens,multi-signal access interfaces,multi-platform instruction compatible functions,etc.,preferred as a large screen monitoring center,there must be a lot of monitoring screen window demand,choose high-end equipment supporting support,Can achieve 24 Windows,32 Windows,used to play multiple,multi-angle different monitoring screen,HDmi,DVI,SDI,VGA,DP and other common video interface on the market,when there is a front-end device to play,directly connected to the input interface,you can switch to play the large screen,do not need to add equipment,switch to re-compression and other operations,Multi-screen instruction compatibility,USB,485,TTL level,HeBeasT,SNNM and other monitoring and control signals can be compatible,the entire monitoring center of lights,images and curtains can be issued by its command control,so that it can really play the role of command processing heat stroke;


  Under normal circumstances,the security monitoring center for network equipment,are the use of internal private LAN servers and other methods,especially in some military,government units,network security and confidentiality is particularly important,network Settings need to set up internal servers,storage devices,network operating terminals and other components,protocol instructions through the internal network transmission to the central processing controller,Make the whole system run perfectly on the LAN,simple,stable and secure;

  5.Set the PDC

  The power distribution cabinet usually has multi-function card control and Plc control mode,the working principle is through the system software or the end user through the local area network to send instructions to the multi-function card or PLC,to achieve the function of controlling the large screen strong current main gate,the power distribution cabinet needs to be established on the reasonable design load,the system solution can achieve remote power off and on.The IPAD and PC in the LAN are controlled.If the site allows external network access,it can also monitor the status of the screen and switch the screen anytime and anywhere.

Security monitoring LED display

  Fourth,program advantages


  The entire control center can use IPAD wireless control,large screen display,program playback,light and sound,signal switching,power distribution system,including curtains,etc.can be wireless control within the LAN,signal playback can access video surveillance,security alarm,and can also be operated by computer terminals within the LAN,highly personalized,integrated,In line with the current development direction of new intelligence;

  2,a variety of control methods,more flexible operation

  A variety of control methods work together to get rid of the seat limitations of the traditional mode of operation,with PC,tablet and desktop control keyboard and other modes of operation,the client software can display the content being displayed on the large screen in real time,and can carry out pre-plan retrieval,unified switching of multiple signals,cloud platform operation,etc.,when multi-user operation,With the permission classification function,you can customize the user's access and operation rights.When the operation is carried out at the same time,the user with higher permission has priority control,and the user with the same permission has the first control.The permission classification can avoid the misoperation when multiple people operate at the same time,thus affecting the work efficiency.

  2,good environmental adaptability

  The fanless design ensures zero noise in the operating environment,and the large viewing Angle and high refresh rate ensure that all details are vividly displayed.

  3,high stability and high reliability

  The dual-power supply and dual-backup system of the small-pitch series products ensure the stability and reliability of the entire solution.Even if there are special circumstances,the backup system can ensure the uninterrupted operation of the screen body.At the same time,it can also access the local area network monitoring system to grasp the working status of the entire system at any time.There will be no blue screen,crash and virus intrusion and other common computer problems,modular design and support hot swap,when a module is damaged or faulty,it can be replaced immediately,does not affect the transmission of other lines,hot backup redundant power supply,when a power supply failure,the device does not need to shut down,automatically use backup power to continue working.Ensure the whole system high stability and high reliability;

  4.Unique structural design,maintenance and editing

  The unique structural design and pre-maintenance mode of the full-color LED video wall can reduce the space required for installation,ensure the fast and efficient installation and convenient maintenance,and reduce the later operation and maintenance costs of the product;

  5,diverse signals convenient fantasy

  Multi-signal display,support multi-signal access display,large screen control software supports the signal image window and processor application window operations,including window switching,tree setting,its own mobile scaling,superposition,and to achieve any roaming of the window on the LED video wall,the operator can intuitively and accurately operate;

  6.Plan management is more intelligent

  It can easily realize the scene and plan preparation,save,modify and delete,can realize the pre-arrangement of all display screens,support the use of"shortcut keys"to quickly call the plan,support the automatic execution function of the plan,and can be triggered according to time or events to realize the automatic display of the screen;

  7.High compatibility

  To realize the interconnection of multiple display systems,it can interconnect with the large-screen display system of the monitoring system of the fire station,the monitoring system of the Public Security Bureau and the monitoring system of the traffic management Bureau;

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