Conference room LED display

  1.Conference Room

  Full-color LED display supports seamless installation,can create a more comfortable and modern conference,can integrate all parties to share information,make the conference communication more smooth,vivid display more exciting content,ignite the passion of the conference,support remote control,communication and coordination,such as headquarters and branch video conferencing,Headquarters all over the country online training and online teaching,products support a variety of installation forms,occupy a small space,easy to use flexible,easy to maintain,Ddon Visual to provide you with conference room LED display overall solution. ......more  

Radio and television LED video wall

  2.Radio and television

  Radio,television and radio industry is one of the industries with rapid development of information technology,and a large number of digital signal applications are the characteristics of radio,television and radio transmission means u have formed a situation of wireless broadcasting,satellite coverage,cable access and network connectivity.The information content of its monitoring includes the video information of radio and television programs,site work data monitoring,TV broadcast quality testing,etc.Hd LED video wall applied in the field of radio and television broadcasting has higher compatibility,stability,continuous color temperature adjustment,automatic color adjustment,and the terminal has anti-atmospheric overvoltage,electromagnetic wave,radio and static electricity and other interference functions.Can effectively prevent the screen jumping,Ddon Visual to provide you with radio and television broadcast LED video wall overall solution. ......more  

The exhibition showcases LED displays

   3,exhibition display

  LED advertising screen can be more creative shape for advertising display,the use of LED advertising screen in the exhibition display,can make the display carrier have higher stability,lower maintenance costs,because the product heat is lower,so the stability of splicing use is better,users can flexibly choose the display resolution of the product,the integrity of the picture is stronger,LED advertising screen also has a larger viewing Angle,covering more audiences,especially some creative spherical display,Rubik's cube display and ring display can achieve 360°no dead Angle display effect,the openness and scalability of the system is better,can identify a variety of electronic signals,high reliability and high stability of the unit module so that the system can be more stable operation.Ddon Visual provides you with the overall solution of exhibition display LED advertising screen. ......more  

Security monitoring LED background screen  4,security monitoring

  In the field of security monitoring,the full-color LED background screen has a very broad application prospects,which can achieve high-definition display screen,can clearly display the video and images captured by the surveillance camera,improve the monitoring effect,and the LCD display is different,the LED background screen can achieve a larger area of seamless stitching effect,so that the display is more excellent.High brightness and high contrast allow it to achieve a clear display even in the case of interference light,cutting-edge splicing technology to ensure the stability and reliability of the project,and support access to multiple surveillance cameras,support linkage with other monitoring equipment,such as alarm and automatic locking function,more scalable,LED background screen low power consumption and environmental protection materials,The later use cost is lower and the pollution to the environment is eliminated. ......more  

Naked eye 3D display

  5.Naked eye 3D display

  Ddon Visual provides the overall solution of naked eye 3D video wall.Compared with conventional display,the naked eye 3D video wall has a stronger sense of science and technology,especially the seamless splicing of large size naked eye 3D video wall effect can give people a more shocking visual experience,and form a unique advertising effect by using a large range of communication,because it brings a more extreme visual experience to the audience.With the help of the audience's existing resources to share the video platform,it can spread rapidly in a short time,the program can be used in more scenes and scope,does not need to use complex technology,can present the naked eye 3D display effect on the ordinary screen,so it will not be affected by technology,and has a huge foundation in modern commercial advertising and architectural advertising.Ddon Visual provides you with the total solution of naked eye 3D video wall. ......more  

Outdoor LED advertising screen

  6.Commercial advertising  Full color LED advertising screen is an important tool for advertising,and the traditional paper print advertising is different,it can achieve image advertising,video advertising,text advertising,animation advertising display,applied in the field of commercial advertising,has a more powerful visual impact,large size,dynamic,audio-visual integration of LED advertising screen can touch the audience's senses in a full range.Effectively convey information to guide the audience,wide-angle display so that it has a large coverage,and support all-weather uninterrupted information playback,guide potential user groups,so that businesses use less cost to achieve better publicity effect.LED advertising screen can effectively cooperate with TV advertising for publicity and play,and its cost is only 1%of TV advertising,compared with traditional paper printing advertising,no longer need to spend a lot of manpower,material resources and financial resources to modify the advertising information,only need to switch in the control terminal can be modified to play content.The use of LED advertising screens by public institutions and organs can release some information for the benefit of the people,public welfare information,etc.,to beautify the city and enhance the city's grade and taste. ......more  

Command center LED display

  7.Command Center

  The full-color LED background screen is applied to the command center and dispatching center,which can realize the daily work of scientific research and teaching,video surveillance,security system,video medical treatment,integrated control and command,emergency rescue command,military exercises and military action command,digital business construction,etc.,and can interconnect with the information of various business platforms.The solution supports the visual scheduling and preview and playback functions of signal images,the mixed use of analog signals and digital signals,and the flexible operation of a variety of control modes.Different from the traditional PC control alone,it can meet the requirements of the command center for rapid response to emergency emergencies,and higher stability is also the primary requirement of the department for preventing and handling emergencies.Ddon Visual provides you with the overall solution of LED background screen in command center. ......more  

Educational training LED video wall

 8.Education and training

  Full-color LED video wall applied in the field of education and training,can significantly improve the teaching effect,the product has the characteristics of high brightness,high definition and high contrast,can provide better visual effects,intuitive display of abstract knowledge,help students better understand the course content,improve teaching efficiency,the product can quickly switch between different contents,It is very convenient to present various forms of information,such as text,images,videos,animations,etc.,which can convey more information in a short time.Enhanced touch technology can make classroom teaching more vivid and interesting,which is conducive to stimulating students'learning interest and enhancing their learning enthusiasm.More flexible installation can improve space utilization,the product adopts energy-saving technology,lower power consumption,and the application of pre-maintenance allows the subsequent use cost and maintenance cost to be effectively controlled. ......more  

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