In the digital age and the popularity of smart cities,I can find the existence of full-color LED display in my daily life and work,which is favored by the majority of users as an important media for information release and advertising.In addition to conventional LED display,in recent years,a new type of product is gradually expanding its application field.That is LED display products with transparent effect,the more common LED transparent screen,LED grille screen and LED film screen products,which get rid of the traditional LED display bulky body,lightweight,ultra-thin design so that it can be used in more scenes.For example,supermarkets,glass Windows,car franchises,jewelry stores and large office scenes.

LED transparent screen

  1, LED transparent screen

  Different from the conventional LED display, the LED transparent screen changed the bulky body, Ddon Visual engineers have carried out lightweight design on the product, the weight of the product is controlled within 10 kg /㎡, and the restrictions on the installation scene are further reduced, which can be applied in the glass window, glass curtain wall and other scenes. The product has a permeability effect, reducing the use of heat dissipation equipment, the later use and maintenance have become more convenient, if the product use failure, only need to replace the lamp strip can achieve maintenance, and support personalized customized service, at present, Ddon Visual's LED transparent screen products mainly have conventional certification light and super transparent side light series. The permeability can achieve 70% to 95%, so that without affecting the indoor lighting, it can still achieve a beautiful display effect, stand out in the field of commercial display, and is the ideal display carrier for the glass curtain wall scene.

LED grid screen  2, LED grille screen

  Ddon Visual engineers have carried out a new design of the LED grille screen, getting rid of the various constraints of the traditional LED display for the wall, the LED grille screen is mainly manifested as hollow, transparent effect, because the weight of the product is lighter, the wind load is small, the installation is flexible and many other characteristics, so, It is used in outdoor walls, glass curtain walls, building buildings, outdoor anti-aircraft guns and stage rental scenes. It is a new generation of outdoor LED display products, which is suitable for collaboration with large buildings and construction becomes more flexible. The special structure of the product makes it abandon the use of heat dissipation equipment, so that it is more energy saving, the LED grille screen currently sold by Ddon Visual can achieve IP67 protection level, so that it can calmly cope with the outdoor harsh and complex natural environment, the product is highly integrated, built-in power supply and receiving card, can realize each unit to work independently. The integrated design of the control box and the installation structure greatly simplifies the screen structure, making the installation, use and maintenance more convenient.

LED film screen  3, LED film screen

  With people's increasingly high requirements for intelligent display, full-color LED display technology has also been rapidly improved, LED transparent screen, LED grille screen, LED film screen and other new products have come out, currently in the field of commercial display shine, especially LED film screen, which has higher permeability than transparent screen, more thin and light design. The presence of LED beads can hardly be seen at a relatively far distance, and the construction of the product only requires a simple steel frame structure, which can greatly save construction costs and construction labor intensity for the project, the product is lighter, occupies less space, and will not affect the facilities and structure near the glass curtain wall. Ddon Visual engineers have also further optimized the process of the product, so that it has lower power consumption, better energy saving effect, and no longer requires additional cooling and cooling equipment, which is widely used in shopping malls, theaters, banks, hotels, office buildings and other scenarios.

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