Stage LED display is usually used in some large rental scenes,mainly to set off the live performance atmosphere,considering the particularity of the application,so the product has also been specially designed,which can achieve higher display brightness and contrast,in order to meet the user's viewing and shooting requirements,the product has been further upgraded in terms of refresh rate.Under normal circumstances,the stage LED rental display needs to be applied in different scenarios,so the engineers have carried out a unique structural design,so that it is more convenient in installation,disassembly and transportation,a wider display Angle allows it to obtain a larger range of viewing angles,and the service life of the product has also been improved.Ddon Visual's stage LED rental displays for sale are available in a variety of box structures for rapid deployment and use in indoor and outdoor scenes.

Indoor LED stage screen

  1. Indoor rental products

  At present, Ddon Visual in the sale of indoor rental LED display box models include 250*250, 500*500 series box, product models are mainly P1.9, P2.6 series, the box adopts special process design, to meet the higher protection and disassembly convenience. The products are mainly used in indoor exhibition halls, exhibitions, exhibitions, press conferences, indoor stage interpretation and major exposition scenes;

Outdoor LED stage screen

  2, outdoor rental products

  The main application scenarios of the outdoor LED rental display include large-scale concerts, concerts, large-scale cultural singing and dancing parties, etc. Ddon Visual engineers have carried out the structure and process of the provincial level, ensuring the stable use of the product at the same time, so that it has better protective performance, and designed a quick installation and disassembly device. Make it easier to use and transport, the construction process and disassembly process like building blocks become easier;

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