Shenzhen Ddon Visual Technology Co.,Ltd.provides full-color LED display full-screen sales business,mainly to facilitate users to install and disassemble products,the main products are ultra-high-definition small-pitch LED display,indoor conventional LED display,outdoor full-color LED display and monochrome LED display,product assembly and aging in the factory.Then it is directly transported to the user,Datang vision engineers for different product use scenarios are different,targeted to develop a suitable for each type of box,users can also flexibly choose the box material,box specifications,box model and structure according to actual use needs.The main advantages of full-screen sales are mainly manifested as safer products,more flexible choices,more guaranteed service life,more energy saving,and more convenient on-site installation for users.

Small pitch LED display

  1, HD small pitch LED display series

  Ddon Visual is currently selling the small-pitch LED display full screen series mainly using die-cast aluminum box, the main model is 640*480/1280*960 two specifications, can match the current Datang vision's all small-pitch LED display models, the product has passed a strict aging test before delivery, Then it is assembled, so that it can be directly put into use when it reaches the user, effectively reducing the user's construction difficulty, construction cost and construction cycle in the broadcast room, studio, conference room, enterprise exhibition hall, conference room background display screen, command center and other scenes are widely used;

Indoor LED display

        2, conventional indoor display series

  At present, the main box specifications of Ddon Visual's indoor conventional LED display screen are 960*960, 640*640 and other two specifications, which can meet all the indoor LED display module models currently on sale. Seamless splicing and installation allow it to provide a more shocking and complete display effect. In the sale of the product box mainly includes aluminum box and iron box, convenient for users according to different use needs, budget standards for flexible choice, products are mainly used in hotels, banquet halls, conference rooms, supermarkets, stores, enterprise exhibition halls, indoor stages, various exhibitions and other scenes;

Outdoor LED display  3, outdoor full color LED display series

  Because considering that the use of the product environment is complex and changeable outdoor, and the severity of the environment varies in different seasons, the outdoor full-color LED display has more special requirements for the product, Ddon Visual engineers have carried out the overall process optimization design of the outdoor box, and the main products on sale are waterproof box and full maintenance box. The specifications are 960*960, 1280*960, 960*800, and strict waterproof test and heat dissipation design are carried out before the factory to ensure that the product can achieve a safe, stable and clear display. The product is mainly used in commercial advertising, media advertising, urban landmark building advertising, door display, outdoor stage performance and many other scenes;

Small pitch LED display

Outdoor LED advertising screen

Indoor LED video wall

Outdoor LED video wall

Indoor LED background screen

Door head LED advertising screen

Indoor LED advertising screen

Outdoor LED advertising screen

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