With the rapid development of economy and science,people's life and material pursuit are gradually improved,and the aesthetic level of things is getting higher and higher.Major art galleries,museums,visitor experience centers,high-end brand exhibition halls,etc.,have successively become the stage of digital display large screen system,which is used for various publicity information and promotional advertisements.Moreover,some abstract content can be more intuitive in the way of three-dimensional,pictures and videos for detailed demonstration,so that the audience can visit the overall image at a glance,and achieve unity in time and space,so that the experience has the feeling of being immersive,with high-definition picture quality and sound effects,so that the scene has more atmosphere.Datang Vision focuses on the development,production and sales of high-quality LED background screen,combines the full-color LED background screen technology with the teaching conference system to create a seamless splicing terminal teaching platform,ensuring the terminal display effect of the product,the combination of audio and video,flexible segmentation and combination display and other advantages,to ensure the rapid and reliable execution of teaching and education instructions,and provide real-time feedback.To ensure the coordination and efficiency of the entire solution:

Teaching LED display

  First,system characteristics

  1,the product resolution can be based on user needs,to achieve 2K,4K,8K display effect,170 degrees wide Angle display and saturation of 1.6 billion colors,to ensure the output stability and output accuracy of the picture,fine and natural picture quality,smooth connection,smooth overall display,color saturation and brightness synchronous adjustment;

  2,high refresh rate,LED background screen can provide a higher refresh rate,while ensuring viewing,eliminate the phenomenon of moire shooting,to ensure the shooting effect;

  3,the software partition display function can realize the multi-window display of the whole screen,can display images,text,clock,video and even the score of the event at the same time,cross-regional operation and management,multi-application unified interface,easy integration,to achieve the interconnection of planning,construction,operation,management and other aspects of the integrated body;

  4,the use of efficient terminal control equipment,effectively reduce the signal delay phenomenon,to ensure the consistency of the screen;

  5,the new structural design,to meet the requirements of cabinet,wall mounted two kinds of installation methods,can be used in a variety of different applications,to meet the user's various application needs,and the use of simple and convenient;

LED background screen is used in teaching and training

  Second,the overall display system design characteristics

  1,space art design,the architecture,color science,space art and many other disciplines cross-use,so that the space light and shade properly,present a display environment in line with the theme style,combined with installation art,make the display space full of spirit and dynamic;

  2.Clever use of high-tech means,creative design and production with multimedia technology,so that the visual presentation of the content is more real,the form is more rich,and the visitors'perception is fully mobilized,so that the audience can deeply understand the content displayed;

  3.Interactive experiential space,relying on interactive technology,emphasizes experiential visiting mode and creates situational environment display effect,which can not only clearly display content,but also allow participants to get personal experience through active participation;

  4,one-stop service,providing creative planning,content production,display integration and other one-stop services,to provide users with"worry-free service";

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