First,program overview

  Creative LED display as an innovative product in the field of LED display,it can give full play to creativity,so that creativity does not stay with books and paintings,and even some creative LED display has become a standard configuration of some network celebrities punch points,attracting many tourists,increasing local tourism such as,enrich tourism culture,With the update of people's ideas and the development of LED display industry,the market of creative LED display will be broader,the market will also climb,and the digital creative industry will become one of the five emerging pillars of the output value scale of ten trillion in China;

  Second,the program effect

Creative LED display

  Third,program composition

  The solution mainly includes three parts:steel structure,video source and LED video wall control system.According to the shape of the creative display screen and product characteristics,the design and construction of the steel structure are carried out,and the customized video source and LED video wall control system are combined to complete the display of the creative display screen.

  1,steel structure,which is the basic guarantee of LED video wall safety,used to support the LED display,give users more creative display,can achieve the shape users want;

  2,video source,in order to cooperate with the creative LED video wall screen more realistic image display,creative LED display needs to be presented with customized video sources,in order to meet the user's visual enjoyment;

  3,LED video wall screen control system,because the shape and size of the creative LED video wall are more diverse,the current representation form of the box is relatively simple,therefore,the creative LED video wall is usually installed in the indoor scene will be more,LED video wall control system mainly includes the LED video wall screen body,control software,steel structure and video processor;

  Fourth,the scheme diagram

  Creative LED video wall through the unique screen structure,and combined with a special customized video source,to show users a cool,strange video effect display,to meet the user's curiosity psychology,to achieve the purpose of gathering people,the program system mainly includes the following:

Creative LED display solution

  1,can import customized video source into the computer through the U disk or the network,the computer receives the video information,and sends the video information to the video processor through the LED video wall playback software;

  2,the video processor receives the video information sent by the computer,and through information interpretation and conversion,the information is converted into the information that the LED video wall can receive and sent to the LED video wall;

  3,LED video wall receives video information,through high-definition display effect,combined with special screen structure,screen display,to bring cool video effect to users;

  Fifth,program function

  1,changeable shape,can combine the scene and user needs to create a Rubik's cube,ring,streamer,cylinder,arc,sky curtain,right Angle,ball,ball curtain,letters and other creative display;

  2,can receive a variety of high-definition video information,and set the screen as a partition display,with creative LED screen for use;

  3,full color LED video wall has more powerful compatibility,but also can be combined with VR/AR,human-computer interaction technology,to achieve naked eye 3D viewing effect;

Ring LED display

  Sixth,program advantages

  1,no longer limited to the traditional modeling now,with a wealth of structural modeling,according to the needs of users to carry out the overall modeling design of LEDD display,to meet the needs of more advertising communication;

  2,the color reproduction degree is high,can perfectly display the color of the video source and the picture,create a more high-end,cool display effect,achieve the city landmark,attract more audience attention,gather popularity,increase the crowd flow of the scene;

  3,a wide range of applications,according to the needs of users to carry out a variety of display effect design,perfect fit the shape of the building,showing a highly restored display effect;

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