Full-color LED advertising screen is used in the field of commercial advertising display,the main scenes include city square,shopping center,car chain,brand store,commercial pedestrian street,road traffic advertising,tourist attractions and other scenes,Ddon Visual not only provides display modules,but also provides the overall solution and system.Commercial advertising LED advertising screen system mainly includes control system,power socket,software,installation structure drawings and so on.

Outdoor LED advertising screen

  Engineers have standardized the design of the LED advertising screen box,the use of unified box size can be applied to the requirements of different pixel display,so that the installation of LED advertising screen becomes more convenient,and lightweight and ultra-thin design,so that its transportation costs are further reduced,unique waterproof structure design,can meet the IP65 protection standards,Whether used indoors or outdoors,it is able to face a variety of complex environments.

  The LED advertising screen itself can be used for different climates in different regions,the temperature range is-30°C~+60°C,the box has good moisture resistance and corrosion resistance,and in order to adapt to the special application of coastal cities,the product is also tested with high humidity and high reading air environment to ensure the stability and service life of the product in the later period;

  The display brightness of the LED advertising screen according to the deployment of different environments,can flexibly choose different models,suitable for different installation scenarios,engineers on its further energy-saving,intelligent environmental controller device,can change the brightness of the display itself according to the environmental brightness.

Indoor LED advertising screen

  Ddon Visual engineers also provide a remote centralized control management system for partners in the field of commercial advertising,that is,to achieve the control of multiple LED advertising screens in a room,to achieve a true sense of cluster management,and LED video control system with double backup system,if there is a failure,Users can immediately switch to the backup system,will not affect the user's use of the product,when the user purchases the product,the company will also provide users with relevant maintenance spare parts,after modular design and system correction,very easy to maintain later.

Commercial LED display solutions

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