Whether it is in life,in the field of teaching,or in the workplace,speeches,reports,meetings,etc.,all need to be applied to the platform.The traditional platform scheme,both in appearance and function,is very simple,unable to achieve touch writing and mobile use functions.The overall experience is relatively poor.However,the solution of LED display and electronic platform can effectively solve the problems existing in the traditional platform solution,through the highly integrated system solution,it can bring the audience a pleasant listening experience;

Intelligent meeting room LED display

  First,the components

  The overall plan mainly includes two parts,that is,the electronic platform and LED display control system,through the combination of the electronic platform and LED display system,real-time explanation and annotation can be realized,so that the audience can intuitively understand the theme of the conference;

  1,electronic platform,electronic platform is equipped with microphone,can better sound recording,capacitor pen,pulley,power button,HDMI interface,Audio interface,etc.,it integrates writing,comment,microphone,moving,lifting,one-button power on and other functions,but as information input,can also be used as audio output end;

  2,LED display control system,LED display control system is mainly to achieve LED display and electronic platform synchronous playback,display PPT,copy,video images and other functions,which mainly includes LED display screen body,control software,steel structure and video processor;

  Electronic platform solution Through the combination of highly integrated electronic platform and high-definition LED display,to achieve large screen control small screen,writing,annotation and other functions,so that speech,teaching,training,etc.,become more intelligent.

LED display conference system components


  1.The content that needs to be displayed can be imported into the electronic platform through the U disk,and the electronic platform can be displayed to the user;

  2.The electronic platform integrates the function of microphone.When the user explains at the electronic platform,the microphone is used as voice input,and the electronic platform is connected with the audio cable to input the voice information into the audio,and the sound effect is played and output by the influence;

  3,the electronic platform can be wirelessly connected with the LED display through the screen projector,and can also be connected with the LED display through the HDMI cable,the screen information is transmitted,the small screen is controlled by the large screen,and the high-definition LED display is displayed to the audience;


  1,the electronic platform can cooperate with the requirements of the speaker,the height of the adjustment.Make users more comfortable,and the electronic platform is also equipped with hidden casters,can easily move,reduce the pressure of handling;

  2,high-definition LED display adopts nanosecond display technology,no picture shake and dislocation,the visual effect is more clear and shocking,the overall display is more smooth,no delay,can greatly save time and improve application efficiency;

  3,LED display has higher clarity,saturation and contrast,but also can automatically adjust the brightness,do not need to close the lights and Windows,but also can easily create a bright,open and efficient meeting environment.

Conference room LED display

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