With the wide application of LED display,in the fields of exhibition,stage interpretation,urban exhibition hall,people's pursuit of visual experience has become higher and higher,which also promotes the continuous innovation of LED display in the form and display form,the last two years,some outdoor naked eye 3D cases of wonderful display effect by the majority of users sought after,Its realistic Xianshaoxing city has brought better advertising revenue to businesses.According to relevant data,the global outdoor advertising market size will exceed 250 billion yuan,such a huge market demand,new forms of advertising~naked eye 3D demand will be more and more.

Outdoor naked eye 3D display

  First,the composition of the overall plan

  The solution of outdoor LED naked eye 3D display mainly includes three parts,computer,video processor and outdoor LED display,3D video source is sent to the LED display through the video processor,point-to-point display,high fidelity,to bring users a more extreme LED display experience;

  1,the control computer,with high-speed computing control computer,can run according to the program,automatic and high-speed processing of massive data of modern intelligent electronic equipment,the main role in the system solution is to serve the video storage end and the sending end,the video information sent to the video processor;

  2,video processor,mainly for video processing,in the system solution,can convert the information into the LED display can accept the information,play the role of information conversion and transmission;

  3,LED display control system,outdoor naked eye LED display usually requires the LED display is with arc or Angle shape,the audience through the arc or Angle position to watch,the visual experience effect is better;

  Second,the overall plan

  Outdoor naked eye 3D display through the combination of 3D video,to bring users 3D video visual effects,can better advertising,to attract the attention of users,the main application principle is as follows:

  1,through the U disk or the network to import 3D video into the control computer,the computer receives the video information,through the LED display playback software,the video information is sent to the video processor;

  2,after receiving the video information sent by the computer,the video processor converts the information into a signal that the LED display can receive through information interpretation and format conversion,and sends it to the LED display;

  3,the LED display receives the video signal,displays the effect through the high-definition and delicate display screen,and displays the three-dimensional sense brought by the arc or Angle,bringing cool video effects to the user;

Naked eye 3D advertising screen

  Third,program function

  1,can receive any video information,switch and play video information,so that the display is more convenient;

  2,the use of professional video processor,the image to a more intuitive,comprehensive,clear demonstration of the effect of the display,so that people can be more accurate and real comprehensive viewing at the same time,but also master all aspects of information;

  3,can choose to use the central control system,centralized control of the operation terminal,the light affects the one-button playback,so that users more convenient to use;

  Fourth,program advantages

  1,the combination of high-definition LED display and naked eye 3D technology,the 3D picture displayed on the large screen,so that the experiencers get rid of the shackles of glasses,through the naked eye can watch the three-dimensional,vivid effect on the screen,so that the audience is more surprised to feel the full range of time and space experience,bring a strong,shocking visual impact;

  2,LED display has the advantages of seamless splicing,support personalized customization and can also be customized according to the appearance of the size of the building,to ensure multi-angle,multi-directional advertising,the effect is more eye-catching,more full color;

  3,the use of customized 3D video material,video resolution with the LED display screen resolution has been,to achieve point-to-point playback,the image is not deformed,no distortion,from the root to ensure the quality of the display;

Naked eye 3D advertising screen

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