First,program overview

  With the continuous improvement of network information infrastructure and the growing demand for social interaction and entertainment,radio,television and live broadcast industries continue to enter our lives.Especially under the impact of the epidemic,traditional offline sales have been greatly impacted,and offline store operation has been hindered.Enterprises have begun to test the water of online live broadcast industry.Live broadcasting has developed into a new e-commerce,showing a strong explosion.In order to improve the grade of the broadcast room and the studio,avoid repeated matting,background rigidity and other problems,generally choose to install high-definition network broadcast LED background display in the broadcast room or the studio,which is used to play the relevant introduction video and solve the boring background screen;

Studio LED background screen

  Second,program composition

  It mainly includes three parts,which are display control system,video shooting and real-time video broadcast system.LED video wall is installed on the background wall of the broadcast room,through which publicity and display,picture explanation and video demonstration can be carried out.Moreover,combined with the mutual application of camera shooting and live broadcast software,real-time live broadcast can be carried out.The program uses a high-definition LED video wall,which improves the overall grade of the broadcast room and further improves the audience's understanding of the information;

  1.The display control system is mainly applied to the control of Familiar Love You LED video Wall,which is used to play promotional videos,picture displays,text messages,and present detailed and high-definition information that needs to be displayed to the audience.The display control system mainly includes LEDLED video Wall screen,computer side,video processor,influence and display software;

  2.Front end shooting system,front end adopts camera,video capture card and sound card to collect on-site video information and audio information;

  3,real-time video playback system,through the system software,the front-end shooting system received video information,audio information for real-time external playback;

  Third,the scheme diagram

  The overall scheme of broadcasting studio and live broadcast background screen mainly uses LED video wall as the background for video and image display,front-end camera input,microphone input,and real-time playback to the audience through live broadcast software processing;

LED video wall is used in radio and television studios

  1,the prepared picture material,video material and text material,according to the needs of playback,through the LED video wall playback software on the LED video wall to play;

  2.The camera is assumed to be on a tripod,aligned with the playback direction and the central position of the LED video wall,and the captured information is transmitted to the video capture card through the HDMI cable.The video capture card is responsible for converting the video information of the mobile phone into information that can be received by the computer,and transmitted to the computer through the USB cable;

  3,the microphone is connected to the sound card through the audio cable,as the voice input source,the sound card is connected to the computer end through the HDMI cable,which can effectively eliminate the noise in the direct broadcast room,and the voice information is transmitted to the computer end;

  Fourth,program function

  1,can receive a variety of equipment video signals,through the use of the central controller,and can switch a variety of video sources at any time to meet the needs of individual shooting and explanation of products;

  2,through noise reduction sound card,effectively solve the problem of noise in the direct broadcast room;

  3,high-definition LED video wall as broadcast background wall,play high-definition video,text,images,with dynamic playback function,to achieve audience and studio/broadcast room interaction;

Studio LED video wall

  Fifth,program advantages

  1,the system scheme adopts high-definition LED video wall,the product can achieve a higher refresh rate,avoid the generation of moorgrain,meet the shooting needs of the studio/broadcast room,high-definition presentation,the effect is more perfect;

  2.LED video wall can receive files in various video formats,including images,videos,dynamic animations,etc.,breaking the boring static background and creating an immersive live broadcast experience;

  3,live broadcast personnel can combine gorgeous video and image demonstration,avoid a single tedious oral explanation,from visual,auditory and other aspects to let users further understand the product,improve the user experience;

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