Creative LED display refers to the use of LED display technology on advertising objects with special shapes and creative shapes,and it is very different from the traditional conventional LED display,such as oval,triangle,sphere,ribbon,circle,arc,Rubik's cube,etc.The product has the characteristics of strong anti-interference ability and high signal stability,can achieve stable operation in a variety of environments,and it gets rid of the limitation of the traditional LED display viewing Angle,has a broader perspective,can achieve perfect integration with the surrounding environment without changing the structure of the building or advertising object itself,and the screen body shape is more beautiful.Ddon Visual engineers have also upgraded its waterproof,dustproof,moisture-proof,fireproof and other features to extend its service life in a variety of environments.

LED globe display

  1, LED spherical display

  LED spherical display breaks the traditional LED display plane display is subject to the impact of viewing Angle, can achieve a full range of three-dimensional display effect, Ddon Visual engineers can provide customized solutions according to the user needs of product size, including the use of normal scale group and LED soft module splicing, Achieve seamless connection at the same time to provide high-definition picture quality experience, derivative products include a variety of diameter spherical display, ball screen display, hemisphere display;

LED Mobius ring

  2, LED ribbon display

  The solution of the ribbon LED display includes the use of conventional LED display module and flexible LED soft screen splicing, Ddon Visual engineers according to the actual use needs and user product size tailored, give a more cost-effective product solution. Derivative products include LED ring screen, LED Mobius ring, LED arc screen, LED streamer screen, LED sleeve ring screen, etc.

LED cube screen

  3, LED cube display

  LED Rubik's Cube screen is mainly spliced with conventional LED display modules, which can support all the models currently on sale by Ddon Visual. Currently, the products that can be derived include LED Rubik's cube screen, LED square brick, LED rotating Rubik's cube, LED linkage Rubik's cube screen and many other products. It is widely used in catering, science and technology museum, museum, exhibition, city square, city landmark building, commercial pedestrian street, cultural entertainment scene and stage performance scene;

Columnar LED display

  4, columnar LED display

  Columnar LED display mainly includes square column and cylindrical LED display, the product supports indoor and outdoor scenes, can be customized according to the user's product size requirements, support the use of LED flexible display and conventional LED display module for spliced installation, compatible with all product models currently sold by Datang Vision;

LED sleeve ring screen

LED water drop screen

LED water drop screen

LED globe display

LED ring display

LED circular display

LED square panel

LED letter screen

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