How to change the display content on an LED advertising screen?

2023-10-21 09:00:22 Ddon Visual

Compared to traditional billboards, LED advertising screens offer more detailed display effects and the ability to play videos, images, animations, and subtitles with easy customization. They play a crucial role as a prominent display medium in modern urban digitalization. Today, with China's Ddon Visual, let's take a look at the main steps to change the display content on LED advertising screens:

Indoor LED advertising screen.

1.Prepare the Display Content: First, prepare the content you want to display on the LED advertising screen. This can be images, videos, text, or other multimedia elements. Ensure that the content is ready and saved in an accessible format.

2.Connect to the Control System: LED advertising screens typically use a control system or player to manage the display content. Make sure your device is connected to the LED advertising screen and can communicate with it.

3.Open Control Software: Use the software or application provided by the control system to open the control software.


4.Select the LED Screen: In the control software, choose the LED advertising screen you want to manage, especially if you have multiple screens.

5.Upload or Select Content: In the control software, you can upload your prepared display content or select existing content files.

6.Arrange and Edit Content: In the control software, you can arrange and edit your content, set display timing, order, and other attributes.

7.Send to the LED Advertising Screen: Once you have configured and edited the content, send it to the LED advertising screen. This is typically done through a network connection.


8.Preview and Test: Before sending the content to the LED advertising screen, you can preview and test it to ensure that the display matches your expectations.

9.Confirm and Publish: Once you are satisfied with the content settings and display effects, you can confirm and publish the content. The LED advertising screen will start displaying the new content.

10.Regular Updates: As needed, regularly update the display content to keep the information and advertisements current and effective.

Outdoor LED advertising screen.

Different manufacturers produce LED advertising screens that may have different operating procedures due to variations in control systems. Therefore, users should read the product manual and operating guide thoroughly before using the product and become proficient in the application of the control software to efficiently manage the LED advertising screen. These are the main steps for changing the display content on an LED advertising screen. We hope this article is helpful to you. China's Ddon Visual specializes in the development and sales of high-quality full-color LED advertising screens. We provide full-color LED screen modules, LED stage rental screens, wholesale of full LED advertising screens, and on-site installation. We also support the customization and development of unconventional LED advertising screens. If you have a related project, please feel free to contact Ddon Visual, and we will provide you with a comprehensive product solution and high-quality service.

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