How to connect an LED advertising screen to a Wi-Fi network?

2023-10-20 07:00:05 Ddon Visual

We know that in order to achieve unmanned operation for LED advertising screens, they need to be connected to a network. The connection of LED advertising screens to a network primarily involves computer network cable connection, 3G/4G card connection, and wireless Wi-Fi network connection. Today, with the guidance of China's Ddon Visual, let's take a look at the basic steps to connect LED advertising screens to a Wi-Fi wireless network:

Outdoor LED advertising screen.

1.Prepare Wi-Fi network information: First, make sure you have the correct Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and password, as they are necessary for connecting to the Wi-Fi network.

2.Open the LED advertising screen settings: Typically, LED advertising screen devices have a settings menu, and you need to enter this menu to configure Wi-Fi settings.

3.Locate Wi-Fi settings options: In the device's settings menu, look for options related to Wi-Fi or network connections. It may be called "Wi-Fi settings," "network settings," or a similar name.

4.Scan available Wi-Fi networks: The device should be able to scan and list available Wi-Fi networks. Select the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to.


5.Enter the Wi-Fi password: After selecting the Wi-Fi network, you need to enter the Wi-Fi password. Ensure that the password is entered correctly.

6.Connect to Wi-Fi: Once the password is entered, the device should attempt to connect to the Wi-Fi network. Wait for a successful connection message or symbol.

7.Test the connection: Once connected successfully, you can test whether the connection is functioning properly. Open a webpage or application to ensure that your LED advertising screen can access the internet.

8.Complete the setup: If everything is functioning as expected, you have successfully connected your LED advertising screen to the Wi-Fi network.

Pillar-style LED advertising screen.

It's important to note that the process of Wi-Fi connection may vary due to differences in devices and control systems. Therefore, it's advisable to thoroughly read the device manual and connection guide. If the LED advertising screen does not have built-in Wi-Fi functionality, you may need to use a Wi-Fi adapter or an external device for wireless network connectivity. These are the steps related to connecting an LED advertising screen to a Wi-Fi network. We hope this article is helpful to you. China's Ddon Visual specializes in the development and sales of high-quality full-color LED displays. We provide full-color LED display modules, LED stage rental screens, wholesale of full LED advertising screens, and on-site installation. We also support the customization and development of unconventional LED displays. If you have a related project, please feel free to contact Ddon Visual, and we will provide you with a comprehensive product solution and high-quality service.

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