Outdoor LED advertising screen how lightning protection?

2023-08-15 09:24:02 Ddon Visual

  In the previous article,we analyzed some measures for the full-color LED advertising screen to deal with summer high temperature and summer rainstorm,today follow Shenzhen Ddon Visual to see,outdoor full-color LED advertising screen should be how to prevent the attack of lightning,what protective measures?Take a look:

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  1、Lightning Rods(Air Terminals):Install lightning rods on the structure supporting the LED screen.These rods attract lightning strikes and provide a controlled path for the lightning to follow,diverting the electrical energy away from the screen.

  2、Grounding System:Establish a robust grounding system that includes grounding rods or plates buried deep into the ground.Connect the grounding system to both the LED screen structure and any nearby metal structures.This helps in dissipating the lightning energy harmlessly into the ground.

  3、Surge Protection Devices(SPDs):Install surge protection devices at various points in the electrical system,such as power supply lines,data cables,and communication lines.These devices divert high-voltage surges caused by lightning away from the sensitive electronics of the LED screen.

  4、Separation Distance:Maintain an appropriate separation distance between the LED screen and potential lightning strike zones.Ideally,the screen should be situated below or behind taller structures that could attract lightning strikes.

  5、Shielded Cables:Use shielded cables for power and data connections to minimize the risk of induced surges due to lightning electromagnetic interference.

  6、Isolation Transformers:Implement isolation transformers for power supply lines to provide an added layer of protection against power surges.

Outdoor LED display

  7、Metal Enclosure:The LED screen enclosure should be made of conductive material like metal and should be properly grounded to divert lightning energy safely.

  8、Bonding:Ensure that all metal components,including the frame,support structure,and grounding system,are properly bonded together to create a continuous path for lightning to follow.

  9、Remote Shutdown Mechanism:Install a remote shutdown mechanism that can automatically turn off the LED screen during lightning storms to reduce the risk of damage.

  10、Earthing of Metal Structures:If there are nearby tall metal structures,such as flagpoles or towers,make sure they are properly grounded and bonded to the lightning protection system.

  11、Regular Inspections:Conduct regular inspections of the lightning protection system to ensure that all components are in good condition and properly connected.

  12、Professional Consultation:Designing an effective lightning protection system requires expertise.Consult with a professional lightning protection engineer to assess the site,determine risk factors,and design a suitable system.

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  It should be noted that although we have taken lightning protection measures to reduce the impact of lightning on outdoor LED advertising screens,but in extreme lightning weather,damage may still occur,so regular maintenance and timely solution of product problems,is still the key to maintaining good operation of outdoor LED advertising screens.It is best to configure the best product lightning protection scheme according to the actual use of the product and the use environment according to the manufacturer's recommendations.Shenzhen Ddon Visual Vision focus on high quality full color LED advertising screen research and development and production sales,if you have related product needs,welcome to call Ddon,we will provide you with perfect product solutions and quality service.

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