What are the main waterproof measures for outdoor LED advertising screens?

2023-08-15 09:12:14 Ddon Visual

  The biggest difference between outdoor full-color LED advertising screen and indoor LED advertising screen is that the product needs higher display brightness and higher protective performance,especially waterproof performance and heat dissipation performance,because outdoor LED advertising screen is usually deployed in a harsh and complex outdoor environment,with the arrival of summer,heavy rain frequently.The waterproof of outdoor LED advertising screen has gradually been paid attention to,today,follow Ddon Visual to see,what waterproof measures are common outdoor LED advertising screens?

Outdoor LED advertising screen

  1、Enclosures and Sealing:The LED screen should be housed in a robust and weather-resistant enclosure made of materials like aluminum or stainless steel.The enclosure should have proper gaskets,seals,and ventilation to prevent water infiltration while allowing heat to dissipate.

  2、IP Rating:The Ingress Protection(IP)rating indicates the level of protection against solid particles(first digit)and liquids(second digit).For outdoor LED screens,a high IP rating like IP65 or IP66 is recommended.IP65 signifies dust-tightness and protection against water jets,while IP66 adds protection against powerful water jets.

  3、Waterproof Connectors:All connectors,cables,and entry points should be waterproof and properly sealed.Waterproof connectors prevent moisture from entering the system through cable connections.

  4、Sunshades and Hoods:Adding sunshades or hoods to the screen can protect it from direct sunlight and reduce water accumulation on the screen's surface.

  5、Anti-Reflective Glass:Using anti-reflective and waterproof glass or polycarbonate for the screen surface helps prevent water buildup and improves visibility in wet conditions.

  6、Ventilation Design:Proper ventilation is crucial to prevent condensation and heat buildup inside the enclosure.Ventilation should be designed to allow airflow without allowing water to enter.

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  7、Drip Channels and Sloped Surfaces:Designing the enclosure with sloped surfaces and drip channels helps water to naturally drain away from the screen and its components.

  8、Remote Monitoring and Control:Implementing remote monitoring and control systems can help track the status of the screen's components and detect any potential water ingress issues in real-time.

  9、Regular Maintenance:Regular inspections and maintenance checks should be carried out to ensure that seals,gaskets,and waterproofing materials remain intact and effective.

  10、Environmental Considerations:Consider the local climate and environmental conditions when designing and placing outdoor LED screens.For example,screens in coastal areas might require additional protection against saltwater corrosion.

  11、Testing:Perform thorough water-resistance and waterproofing tests during the manufacturing and installation processes.This can include tests for resistance to rain,humidity,and even simulated heavy rainfall.

  12、Elevated Mounting:Mount the LED screen at an angle or with a slight tilt to help water run off the surface instead of pooling on it.

  13、Anti-Corrosion Coating:Apply anti-corrosion coatings to metal parts and surfaces to protect against rust and degradation caused by moisture exposure.

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  After the above series of protective measures,can effectively avoid the LED advertising screen by rain and moisture,to ensure that the product can achieve stable operation and ensure the service life of the product,users in the purchase of outdoor LED advertising screen,must choose a reliable waterproof performance of the product,and strictly comply with the waterproof recommendations provided by the LED advertising screen manufacturer.In the frequent rainy season,it is necessary to strengthen the inspection and maintenance work of the LED advertising screen,so that it can play a greater value.Shenzhen Ddon Visual focus on high quality full color LED advertising screen research and development and production sales,if you have related product needs,welcome to call Ddon,we will provide you with perfect product solutions and quality service.

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