What is the difference between LED stage screen and LED advertising screen?

2023-08-18 09:00:38 Ddon Visual

  Although full-color LED stage rental screen and conventional LED advertising screen are the use of LED technology display carrier,but the product in the design,use,specifications and functions are still more obvious differences,today follow China Shenzhen Ddon Visual together,LED stage rental screen and conventional LED advertising screen what are the main differences?

LED advertising screen

  1、Purpose and Application:

  LED Stage Screen:LED stage screens are designed primarily for live events,performances,concerts,theaters,conferences,and other entertainment venues.They are used to display dynamic visuals,videos,and graphics that enhance the audience's experience during live performances.

  LED Advertising Screen:LED advertising screens are specifically intended for displaying advertisements,promotional content,and information in public spaces.They are commonly used in retail environments,transportation hubs,sports arenas,and other locations where advertising and information dissemination are key.

  2、Content Requirements:

  LED Stage Screen:Stage screens often require higher resolution and superior image quality to effectively showcase detailed visuals and videos during live performances.They may also need higher refresh rates to minimize motion blur during fast-paced events.

  LED Advertising Screen:While image quality is important for advertising screens,they may not require the same level of resolution and refresh rate as stage screens.Content on advertising screens tends to include static or less dynamic visuals,such as images,text,and short videos.

  3、Viewing Distance and Angle:

  LED Stage Screen:Stage screens are often viewed from a distance by a larger audience.Therefore,they need to maintain high visibility and image quality from various angles and distances.

  LED Advertising Screen:Advertising screens are usually viewed from closer distances,allowing for more detailed content.The viewing angles and distances may vary depending on the installation location.

LED stage screen

  4、Brightness and Contrast:

  LED Stage Screen:Stage screens require higher brightness levels to combat ambient stage lighting and outdoor daylight.They also benefit from higher contrast ratios to enhance the visual impact of performances.

  LED Advertising Screen:Advertising screens may have slightly lower brightness requirements compared to stage screens,especially indoor ones.However,outdoor advertising screens may still require higher brightness levels to be visible in various lighting conditions.

  5、Design and Aesthetics:

  LED Stage Screen:Stage screens may need to be designed to fit specific stage setups,backgrounds,and aesthetics.They might also require creative shapes,sizes,and configurations to match the overall stage design.

  LED Advertising Screen:Advertising screens are often designed to be integrated seamlessly into their surroundings,blending with the architecture or interior design of the location.

  6、Control and Content Management:

  LED Stage Screen:Stage screens are often controlled in real-time by technical crews during performances,requiring advanced control systems for coordinating visuals and effects.

  LED Advertising Screen:Advertising screens are usually managed through content management systems that allow for scheduled content updates and playback,often requiring less real-time control.

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  LED stage rental and conventional LED advertising screen focus and function are different,in addition to the above differences,there are relatively big differences in the installation form and product structure of the product,the conventional LED advertising screen usually will not be migrated after installation,will always be used,but the LED stage rental screen needs to keep changing the use of the scene.Therefore,the structural design of the product also needs to take into account the convenient disassembly and transportation requirements.Ddon Visual Shenzhen,China focuses on the development,production and sales of high-quality full-color LED display,provides the wholesale and on-site construction of full-color LED display modules,LED stage rental screens,LED advertising screens,and supports customized production services for special-shaped LED display screens.If you need assistance with related projects,Welcome to call Ddon,we will provide you with perfect product solutions and quality service.

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