LED video wall refresh rate and frame change rate definition

2023-07-26 14:04:28 Ddon Visual

  Many users in the choice of LED video wall,do not know what the product refresh rate and frame change rate means,and even some users confuse the two represent a unified meaning,in fact,LED video wall refresh rate and frame change rate are two completely different concepts,which plays a very important role in display technology,Today,follow Ddon Visual in Shenzhen,China to take a look at the explanation of LED video wall refresh rate and frame change rate:

Outdoor LED video wall

  1,Refresh Rate(Refresh Rate):Refresh rate refers to the number of times the display updates the display content per second,usually expressed in Hertz(Hz).For example,a refresh rate of 60Hz means that the display refreshes 60 times per second.A higher refresh rate can provide a smoother display of images and videos,especially in fast moving or animated effects.For LED video walls,the higher refresh rate can reduce screen flicker and improve the viewing experience.

  2,Frame Rate:Frame rate refers to the number of frames transmitted per second by the input signal source(such as video source),usually expressed in frames per second(fps).For example,a frame change rate of 30fps means 30 frames per second.The frame change rate determines the smoothness and level of detail of the video source.Higher frame change rates can provide smoother,more detailed video effects.

  The relationship between the two is that the refresh rate of the LED video wall should be at least equal to the frame change rate of the input signal source,so as to ensure that all frames can be correctly displayed to avoid picture loss or duplication.If the refresh rate of the LED video wall is lower than the frame change rate of the input signal source,it may cause the picture to tear or incomplete display.

Indoor LED video wall

  Therefore,in order to obtain a better viewing effect,under normal circumstances,we recommend that the LED video wall and the input signal source have the same or similar refresh rate and frame change rate,for example,if the video is output at 60fps frame change rate,it is best to choose an LED video wall with a 60Hz refresh rate,which can ensure the best viewing experience.If the application scene is only for display and viewing,it is recommended that ordinary refresh rate products can meet the use needs.If the application scene has shooting needs,such as the studio,concert,conference site,etc.,we recommend the use of high refresh series products,in order to meet the user can flexibly choose the product model.Ddon Visual provides a variety of specifications and performance of LED video wall production services,if you have related product needs,welcome to call Ddon,we will be happy to serve you.

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