What are the control technologies for full-color LED advertising screens?

2023-10-13 07:00:20 Ddon Visual

  The control technology of full-color LED advertising screens involves controlling the color,brightness,and displayed content of LED chips.Today,let's explore the common control technologies used in full-color LED advertising screens with China's Ddon Visual.

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  1.Dot Matrix Control Technology:

  Dot matrix control is the most basic LED display control technology.It involves individually controlling the brightness and color of each LED chip in the dot matrix to display images or text.This is the earliest and most common control method.

  2.PWM(Pulse Width Modulation)Dimming Technology:

  PWM adjusts the pulse width of a signal to control the brightness of LED chips.By rapidly switching the LEDs at an imperceptible frequency to the human eye,PWM achieves grayscale effects.

  3.Grayscale Control Technology:

  Grayscale control displays different levels of brightness on LED screens to create rich colors and images.Multi-level brightness control is used to achieve high-quality display effects.

  4.Color Correction Technology:

  For full-color LED displays,precise control of the ratios of red,green,and blue colors is necessary to display the desired colors.Color correction technology ensures color consistency between LED modules.

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  5.Video Processing Technology:

  LED advertising screens often need to display video content.Video processing technology involves video input,decoding,format conversion,etc.,to ensure smooth video playback.

  6.Data Transmission Protocols:

  Common data transmission protocols include DVI,HDMI,VGA,SDI,etc.These protocols transmit image and video signals to the LED advertising screen.

  7.Control System Software:

  Specialized control system software enables remote control via computers or mobile devices,allowing adjustments to the LED advertising screen's displayed content,brightness,color,and other parameters.

  8.Cloud Control Technology:

  Some LED advertising screens support cloud-based control,enabling remote control and management over the internet.This simplifies centralized management of multiple displays.

  9.Touch Interaction Technology:

  In interactive applications like interactive advertising screens,touch screen technology can be used to allow users to interact with the display.

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  By utilizing these control technologies,high-quality display and flexible control can be achieved for full-color LED advertising screens,meeting the requirements of various application scenarios.The above is an introduction to the control technologies of full-color LED advertising screens.We hope this article proves helpful.Ddon Visual in China specializes in the research,development,manufacturing,and sales of high-quality full-color LED display screens.They offer a range of products including LED display modules,LED stage rental screens,and complete LED advertising screens.They also provide tailored solutions for irregular-shaped LED display screens and on-site installation services.If you need assistance with related projects,feel free to contact Ddon;they are committed to delivering comprehensive product solutions and exceptional service.

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