How to test the light transmittance/permeability of LED transparent screen?

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  Due to its distinct structural design,LED transparent screens weigh less and offer higher transparency compared to traditional LED advertising screens.This transparency makes them widely applicable in glass curtain walls and glass storefronts.They impose lower requirements on wall support and are easier to install.As a result,they have been extensively adopted in various sectors such as large office buildings,shopping centers,and tourist attractions in recent years.The transparency of an LED transparent screen typically refers to its ability to allow light to pass through the screen.The industry commonly uses the term"transparency rate"to indicate this,which expresses the percentage of light passing through the material.This is a vital metric for evaluating the transparency of an LED transparent screen.How is the transparency of an LED transparent screen calculated?Let's find out with China's Ddon Visual:

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  1.Identify Transparent Area:First,determine the area within the LED transparent screen for which you want to calculate the transparency rate.This typically includes the portion of the screen used for displaying content and excludes non-display parts like brackets and frames.

  2.Measure Light:Within the transparent area,use a lux meter or transparency measuring device to measure the intensity of light passing through the LED transparent screen.This will provide data for both the background light(backlighting)and the light passing through the screen.

  3.Calculate Transparency Rate:The transparency rate can be calculated using the following formula:

  Transparency Rate=(Intensity of Light Passing Through the Screen/Intensity of Background Light)×100%

  By applying this calculation,you can obtain the transparency rate of the LED transparent screen in a specific area,which represents the percentage of light passing through that area.Generally,a higher transparency rate indicates better transparency of the LED transparent screen.It's worth noting that calculating transparency rate can be influenced by various factors,such as the materials used,structural design,manufacturing process,light angle,and intensity.Different measurement methods and devices may yield varying results.Therefore,when conducting transparency rate tests and calculations,it's recommended to use accurate measuring equipment and refer to relevant industry standards and specifications.

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  For precise transparency rate data of an LED transparent screen,it's advisable to contact the manufacturer and inquire about their testing methods and reports.This will provide more accurate information.This information outlines the testing method for transparency rate/transparency of LED transparent screens.We hope this article is informative.Ddon Visual in China specializes in high-quality full-color LED display screen research,development,production,and sales.We offer full-color LED display screen modules,LED stage rental screens,and on-site wholesale construction of LED advertising screens.We also provide custom and development services for unique-shaped LED display screens.If you need assistance with related projects,please feel free to contact Ddon,and we'll provide comprehensive product solutions and quality services.

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