What are the differences between stadium LED display screens and conventional LED advertising screens?

2023-09-27 08:00:06 Ddon Visual

  Stadium LED displays have significant differences in usage compared to conventional LED advertising screens,as the usage scenarios of stadiums require better resistance to impact and protection to ensure the product's adaptation to these specific environments.Apart from this,what other differences exist between the two?Today,let's explore this with China's Ddon Visual:

Indoor LED video wall


  Stadium LED displays are primarily used in sports venues,sports facilities,and sporting events to display event information,scores,replays,advertisements,and audience interactions.Conventional LED advertising screens,on the other hand,are mainly used for commercial advertising,information dissemination,navigation guidance,and various other locations.

  2.Size and Shape:

  Stadium LED displays are typically larger and their size depends on the size of the stadium.They can be large high-definition display screens.Conventional LED advertising screens have relatively smaller sizes and can come in various indoor or outdoor dimensions.

  3.Brightness and Visibility:

  Stadium LED displays require high brightness to ensure clear visibility even in bright outdoor environments.This also accounts for the need for long-distance audience viewing.The brightness of conventional LED advertising screens can be adjusted based on indoor or outdoor requirements.

Indoor LED background screen

  4.Displayed Content:

  Stadium LED displays are mainly used to show scores,replays,in-game advertisements,and audience interactions during sports events.Conventional LED advertising screens primarily play commercial advertisements,disseminate information,provide navigation guidance,and display other types of content.

  5.Video Processing Capability:

  Stadium LED displays usually require high-definition video processing capabilities to display real-time game footage and dynamic advertisements.Conventional LED advertising screens can use lower video processing capabilities,as their displayed content is relatively simple.

  6.Wind Resistance:

  Stadium LED displays typically need to consider wind resistance,especially when installed outdoors to withstand the impact of strong winds.Conventional LED advertising screens generally do not require special consideration for wind effects.

Outdoor LED advertising screen

  In conclusion,stadium LED displays and conventional LED displays have significant differences in terms of usage,product size,brightness,displayed content,impact resistance,and usage scenarios.However,both use the same display technology;the differences lie in the distinct application scenarios and technical requirements.The aforementioned points provide an analysis of the differences between stadium LED displays and conventional LED advertising screens,aiming to be of assistance.China's Ddon Visual focuses on the development,production,and sale of high-quality full-color LED displays,providing wholesale and on-site construction of LED display modules,LED stage rental screens,and complete LED advertising screens.We also support custom development of unconventional LED displays.If you require assistance with related projects,feel free to call Ddon,and we'll provide comprehensive product solutions and excellent services.

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