What types of LED transparent screens are there?

2023-09-20 09:00:21 Ddon Visual

  LED transparent screen is usually used in conjunction with building curtain walls or glass exterior walls.It is a kind of LED display screen with high transparency.It can see things behind the screen through glass or transparent materials,and can simultaneously display images and videos.Play,is widely used in commercial advertisements,retail displays,performance stages and other fields,bringing brand-new visual effects to product promotion.Today,follow China Ddon Visual to see what types of full-color LED transparent screens are there?

LED transparent screen

  1.Glass-Based Transparent LED Screens:

  These screens use transparent glass panels embedded with LED pixels.The LEDs are mounted on the edges of the glass panels,and the light is guided through the glass to create the display.

  Glass-based screens offer high transparency,allowing for an unobstructed view.They are used in architectural installations,storefront displays,and indoor environments.

  These screens can be applied on windows,doors,and building facades.

  2.Mesh-Based Transparent LED Screens:

  Mesh screens consist of a matrix of fine wires or thin LED strips that create a mesh-like structure.The mesh design allows light to pass through,providing transparency while displaying content.

  Mesh screens are lightweight and versatile,suitable for applications such as stage backdrops,concerts,and large outdoor displays.

  3.LED Curtain Screens:

  LED curtain screens are flexible and lightweight displays that resemble fabric curtains.They are made of a series of LEDs connected by flexible cables.

  These screens are used for creative stage backdrops,artistic installations,and unique indoor displays.

  4.LED Film Screens:

  LED film screens are thin,flexible,and can be applied directly to glass surfaces,turning windows and glass walls into transparent displays.

  They are often used for advertising on storefront windows,transportation vehicles,and architectural integration.

  5.Folding Screens:

  Folding or folding-curtain screens are designed to be deployed and expanded as needed.They are commonly used in outdoor events,concerts,and exhibitions.

Transparent LED Display

  6.Retail and Showcase Displays:

  Transparent LED screens are used in retail settings,where they are integrated into showcases and display cases.This allows for dynamic and eye-catching product presentations.

  7.Architectural Integration:

  Transparent LED screens can be integrated into building facades,creating visually striking displays that interact with the building's architecture.

  8.Indoor Partitions and Dividers:

  Transparent screens can serve as creative dividers or partitions in indoor spaces,separating areas while still allowing visibility.

  9.Automotive Displays:

  Transparent LED screens are used in the automotive industry to create innovative displays on car windows and sunroofs.

  10.Interactive Displays:

  Some transparent LED screens support touch and interactive technologies,making them suitable for interactive presentations,museums,and exhibitions.

LED glass window screen

  It should be noted that with the continuous development of technology,there may be other types of LED transparent screens coming out in the future.When users choose product models,they can also learn about the latest technical trends and product information in the industry.According to the actual use needs,choose the LED transparent screen product suitable for your project type.China Ddon Visual focuses on the R&D,production and sales of high-quality full-color LED displays,and provides spot wholesale and door-to-door construction of full-color LED display modules,LED stage rental screens,and full-screen LED advertising screens,and supports special-shaped LED displays.Customization and development services,if you need assistance with related projects,you are welcome to call Ddon,we will provide you with a full range of product solutions and high-quality services.

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