Select HD small pitch LED display mainly attention to details

2023-07-25 17:44:54 Ddon Visual

  In recent years,the application of small-pitch LED display is very active,the product has a high refresh rate,high gray level,no residual shadow,no shadow,no ghost,low power consumption and many other characteristics,the product is more thin and light,higher manufacturing accuracy and better heat dissipation effect,in the stage performance,command and control center,remote conference,teaching,exhibition hall and other scenes have been widely used.At present,Ddon Visual in the sale of small pitch LED display mainly P0.8-P1.8 series,of which P1.53 and P1.86 are cost-effective products,widely popular,at this time,some people asked,why not choose a smaller pixel pitch products?Like P0.8 or P1.0?Take a look with Ddon Visual today.

Hd small pitch LED display

  In the general concept of the industry,the pixel pitch and display size determine the display effect of the small-pitch LED display,many users think that to choose the best,but in practical applications,there will be a certain impact between the two,in the actual use of the process,the small-pitch LED display is not the smaller the pixel pitch the better.Although the smaller pixel pitch ensures the display resolution of the screen,but the user needs to master the overall size of the screen and application space and other factors,at present,there is a common phenomenon in the industry,that is,the smaller the pixel pitch,the higher the display pixel,the more expensive the product price,the user in the choice of products,must fully consider their own application environment,otherwise,It is possible to spend a lot of money and not achieve the desired results;

  A very important advantage of small-pitch LED display is that it can completely achieve seamless stitching,can fully meet the user's large-size display needs,but when choosing products,not only need to consider the purchase cost of the product,but also need to consider the maintenance cost of the product in the later period;

  Although the service life of the LED display can reach 100,000 hours,however,because the display density is high,and mainly used indoors,the thickness of the product also has certain requirements,which leads to the product may appear heat dissipation failure resulting in local failure,in actual use,the larger the size of the screen,the more complex the maintenance process,the higher the maintenance cost.And the power consumption as an energy source will be higher,which will lead to the later use of the cost will be further increased;

  Small-pitch LED displays are usually used indoors,such as some large command centers or control centers,security monitoring and dispatching centers and other scenarios,indoor access signals have diversified,large number,large location distribution,multi-signal display on the same screen and centralized management requirements,in actual use,small-pitch LED displays want to achieve efficient applications,Signal transmission equipment need to pay attention to,in the LED display market,not all small pitch LED display can complete the above requirements,therefore,users in the purchase of products,do not just pay attention to the resolution of the product,need to fully consider whether the existing equipment can be compatible with the display.And what are the functions that need to be implemented after product deployment?If you are very clear about this deployment,you can consult the customer service staff of Ddon Visual.We have rich experience in project case construction,and can provide you with more perfect and professional solutions.

Small pitch LED display

  Small pitch LED display with its cleaning details and real picture to attract the majority of users,in the process of purchase,must be combined with their own application needs,in order to be able to select the right product model and construction plan,to achieve the final ideal effect.

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