The difference between LED rental screen and LED advertising screen

2023-11-03 10:00:17 China ddon visual

LED advertising screens and LED rental screens both use similar lighting technologies, but they have significant differences in their application scenarios. Additionally, they may have variations in pixel pitch and refresh rates. Let's explore the main differences between LED advertising screens and LED rental screens:

 LED stage rental screen

1、Design and Purpose:

LED Advertising Screen: These screens are typically used for long-term installations, indoors or outdoors, to display commercial advertisements, promotional information, brand identities, etc. They are permanently fixed in one location to attract the attention of the target audience.

LED Rental Screen: These screens are designed for temporary events, rentals, conferences, performances, exhibitions, and similar occasions. LED rental screens are characterized by easy installation and disassembly, making them suitable for different locations and temporary setups.



LED Advertising Screen: These screens are usually fixed in place and not easily movable. They are designed for long-term use.

LED Rental Screen: LED rental screens are easy to install and disassemble, allowing them to be transported and set up in different venues. This makes them ideal for short-term events and temporary projects.


3、Structure and Durability:

LED Advertising Screen: They typically have a sturdy structure with features like waterproofing and dust resistance, designed for long-term outdoor use.

LED Rental Screen: While they have a certain level of structural strength, they do not need the same level of durability as LED advertising screens since they are often used for a limited time.


4、Cost and Investment:

LED Advertising Screen: These screens generally require significant capital investment due to their long-term usage and the need for durability and stability.

LED Rental Screen: They are typically offered on a rental basis, reducing initial costs, making them suitable for short-term projects and temporary needs.


5、Maintenance and Management:

LED Advertising Screen: Regular maintenance and management are required to ensure stability and long-term use.

LED Rental Screen: Managed and maintained by the rental company, reducing the maintenance burden on users.

In summary, LED advertising screens and LED rental screens are designed with distinct use cases and portability in mind. They have different structural requirements, and the type of clientele they cater to varies significantly. Therefore, when choosing between these two types of screens, it's essential to consider the specific requirements of your usage scenario. These are the main differences between LED advertising screens and LED rental screens. We hope this information is helpful.

 LED advertising screen

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